Use the Right PH Level On Your Carpet

The holidays are right around the corner, and before you know it, they’re here! You spend just as much time getting your house in order for hosting than you do preparing meals and gifts.

This year, when it comes time to treat your stain-resistant carpets, there’s one very important thing that I want you to keep in mind: DO NOT treat your strain-resistant carpet with anything stronger than 7PH.


Right Carpet Cleaner PH Level

This issue has crossed my path too many times not to mention it. Many times, when stain-resistant carpets are sold, your salesperson fails to mention that your new stain-resistant carpet has already been pre-treated, leaving you with some semblance of protection. But when, let’s say your pet has an accident or the little ones spill juice on the new carpet, you go into panic mode and grab the first solution you can get your hands on!


Be Careful! Using any cleaning solution stronger than 7PH could result in the elimination of the pre-treatment on your stain resistant carpet, leaving you with absolutely no protection. Using a solution that is too acidy or alkaline-based could also result in an irremovable stain.

Neutral cleaners are the best kind of solutions for all your spot cleaning needs. Keep that in mind for all those holiday emergencies!

Thank you and Happy Holidays from Magic Carpet Cleaning!

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